I’m Sarah

Welcome to this sacred space.

Are you an empath or highly sensitive woman feeling overwhelmed by the demands of the world? If so, know that you’re not alone.

My mission is to guide women like you on a path of self-discovery, helping you embrace your sensitivity as a unique gift and empowering you to create a life you can enjoy living.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey?

Join me on the path towards a Peaceful mind and a Heart full of joy.







Activate your Highest Potential. Connect with your Intuition. Reclaim Joy as part of your life.

In this nurturing space, you'll receive Energy Codes and powerful tools rooted in energy medicine and quantum science, gaining a clearer understanding of how to regulate your nervous system through a somatic, energetic approach. Together, we'll explore how to embrace your sensitivity, discover your unique gifts, and learn to thrive in our chaotic world without disconnecting from your essence.
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You’re in the Right Place if you:

  • Feel you are highly sensitive, an empath, or an introvert (or all three – like me!).
  • Prefer harmony and often prioritize others’ needs above your own.
  • Set high expectations for yourself.
  • Yearn to break free from seeking external approval and validation.
  • Struggle to quiet your mind and have a good night’s sleep.
  • Get easily overstimulated, especially in crowded environments.
  • Sometimes feel it’s hard to have the energy to get everything done.

What our clients Say

Free Mediations

A Gentle, Relaxing meditation to help you Balance your Chakras and Connect to Source.


In this meditation, I will help you release the Cords to people, places, and events that no longer serve you.

Take a moment to create a list, and ask yourself what, on a Soul level, you received from that part of your Journey.

Let go of the aspect of yourself that manifested that circumstance

with Love and Gratitude.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

-Nicola Tesla-

About Me

Align with the life you dream of

As an intuitive empath and a devoted team player, I’ve always sensed energies and felt a profound calling to help others. My journey hasn’t always been easy – from simply trying to survive to finally thriving.

Throughout many years of personal healing, dedication, and mastering how to navigate life’s continuous challenges with grace, I’ve honed my intuitive and healing skills.

During our time together, I’ll be right by your side every step of the way, holding space for you on your healing journey. Together, we’ll open the door to a deeper understanding and inner peace.

My years of practice and experience in Energy Healing will serve your well-being and harmony. Our soul communicates through the body, and it's essential to train the mind to listen. I will guide you to delve beneath the level of the story and see your sensitivity as a gift that can awaken your true potential.

Why choose Me

Highly sensitive people seek answers and a deep understanding. With my intuitive gift, I aim to help you gain clarity and take you on a gentle process of self-discovery. In me, you'll find a loving, respectful listener capable of holding space for you on your journey.

Our sessions will provide a comforting and cozy break for you to recharge, find support, and acquire empowering techniques and valuable tools. These resources will help transform your daily life, teaching you to regulate your nervous system, boost energy, sleep better, and stay centered through challenges. Between sessions, I am available via email or WhatsApp for continuous support.


Soul Map Intuitive Reading and Energy Healing

$125 / Session
  • Immerse yourself in a soul-nourishing 90-minute session crafted to uplift and support you, revealing insightful information about yourself and your unique life journey. Together, we'll embark on a gentle transformative process, uncovering limiting beliefs, and nurturing the healing of longstanding inner wounds that may have held you back for years using energy medicine. This empowering experience is designed to bring you clarity and harmony. We'll use energetic and somatic practices, allowing you to embrace the present moment with more joy and serenity. The tools you acquire will be a precious addition to your everyday life, bringing more balance, grounding, and serenity.
  • Perfect for those actively on the path to raising their vibration, seeking profound insights, and liberating themselves from anything that no longer supports their growth and well-being. Let's journey together towards your soulful, radiant self.

Soul to Soul Intuitive Reading

$50 / Session
  • Immerse yourself in a nurturing 60-minute session where, with your permission, I'll use my intuitive gift to tap into the Akashic Records and your energy field, unveiling the answers you seek.
  • Together, let's connect the dots between your past experiences and your present situation, providing a profound understanding of the patterns that have shaped your journey. Discover how your sensitivity can now play a new, empowering role in your life, becoming the gift it was always meant to be.
  • Tailored for those seeking clarity about past or present situations and relationships, this session is designed to reveal obstacles that might be holding you back from achieving your goals. Let's together illuminate the path forward, empowering you to step into your full potential.

Soul Massage Energy Healing

$75 / Session
  • Immerse yourself in a nurturing 50+ minute remote healing session designed to elevate your vibration, harmonize and balance your chakras, release past traumas, and provide valuable support on your journey. Remote healing can assist in the healing of physical, mental, and emotional issues, including deep states like grief, heartbreak, and burnout. It’s a great complement to medical treatments and therapy—a gentle approach that addresses the energy level where the root cause is creating the symptoms and supports the healing.
  • Perfect for complementing other approaches, reducing stress and anxiety, and achieving a renewed state of harmony and overall well-being.

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