Equinox: Welcoming the New

Equinox Renewal

Spring is here!

Every year I look with surprise at the grass and flowers that sprout from the ground and become oases of green in the whiteness of the snow.

Plants and animals are in a state of harmony with the cycles of nature. When the earth begins to awaken, they emerge from their winter slumber and embrace the transformative power of spring.

I seek that sense of belonging and oneness within myself every day.

The Equinox is a time of balance and harmony between light and darkness and, for many cultures worldwide, represents a time of renewal and rebirth.

It is the time to let go of the past and welcome the new with open hearts and minds.

As I reflect on my life, I recognize the many times I felt stuck in a long winter, even when circumstances changed and the sun had come to warm me.

I could not let go of the past. I kept reliving the hardships of winter without being able to embrace the new and sometimes even see it.

Now I know how events in the present can trigger past traumas and body memories, activating the feeling of being afraid, tired, and helpless.

But through meditation and mindfulness, I have learned to embrace the impermanence of my thoughts and emotions and to allow them to flow freely like clouds on a clear sky.

This newfound awareness has allowed me to be in the present moment and enjoy the beauty within it.

In my garden, I find inspiration in the bulbs and flowers that remind me of my strength and resilience. And in my home, I keep a gratitude jar filled with memories, quotes, and phrases that bring me joy and inspire me to keep growing.

When I feel overwhelmed or lost, I reach for the jar and let the words within it warm my heart and remind me that after every winter, spring will come.

This time of the year reminds us that we are in a beautiful cycle of growth, transformation, and renewal.

You can welcome this new phase by journaling, starting a gratitude jar, spending time out, and connecting with nature.

Happy Equinox!

“The Equinox is a moment of balance, when day and night meet in perfect harmony. It’s a chance to find peace within ourselves, create space for forgiveness, and welcome each new moment as a precious gift.” – Soulrise

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