Honoring the Passing of a Dear Friend: The Preciousness of Life

Thank You

Our beautiful, old cat crossed the rainbow yesterday after two days in ‘between,’ in the comfort of her home, surrounded by love, and in no pain.

She planned her last journey. For the first time in her life, she went away and made it impossible to find her. We looked, called her, asked neighbors and strangers. I had the feeling she didn’t want to be found and that she wasn’t doing well. I prepared myself to never see her again, prayed, and connected with her from my heart. She showed up when it was too late to intervene. The veterinarian suggested only two options: euthanasia or keeping her comfortable. We decided to keep her at home, with the right amount of care to ease her journey and honor her.

How to be with her in these final moments? This is a question I asked myself, much like I did when I accompanied other beautiful Souls on their process of leaving. I particularly remember when my uncle passed. The energy around his body changed and became more ethereal; I could feel his presence, but it was no longer behind his eyes.

In the months leading up to his passing, sometimes I felt uncomfortable around him; I was young, lacking understanding and words. Even though he asked questions and made small talks, I could sense his inner turmoil, oscillating between moments of presence where he could still enjoy life and moments where the reality of sickness was overwhelming, confusing, and devoid of answers.

However, on the last day of his life, when I visited him at the hospital, everything was different. I could feel peace emanating from him, and there was a supportive energy surrounding him. In the room, there were not only family members and friends but also Light beings and loved ones, all there to assist him. When his Soul disconnected from his body, it was as if the entire room, even the walls, took a deep breath. The energy shifted, the light brightened, and his body became empty. The Light, the Presence of his Soul, was no longer animating that form.

I’ve said goodbye to many humans and pets dear to my heart, and even though my near-death experience has left me with no doubt about the existence of our essence beyond the physical world, the pain remains the same. In that moment, before the Soul disconnects from the physical form, you realize more than ever the uniqueness of that form. Perhaps we are destined to live hundreds of lives, as I deeply feel, but each life form on Earth is unique and one-of-a-kind.

Yesterday, as I bid farewell to my cat, I took the time to thank her for the time we shared, for the way she protected and cared for my daughter, her favorite among my children, and for allowing me to witness her time here. I’ve had deep, life-changing spiritual experiences where I could feel the Presence that I am and that Is. However, yesterday, feeling the pain of her impending death, I also felt a profound ‘why’ this life on Earth is so precious.

There is an eternal dimension, but there is also a constantly changing one, where after creation and sustenance, there comes decay and void. Every time a unique form arises, it deserves to be honored for its uniqueness. We are surrounded by a set of one-of-a-kind, one-time beings. You are one of them, and nothing about you is by ‘chance.’

As I take care of the mortal remains of my beautiful cat, I know her Soul is still part of the Eternal Presence, and I can feel it. Yet, I also honor, for one last time, that unique being that crossed my path and deeply touched my heart.

Thank you, my dear Lila.