Strawberry Moon: The Sweetness of Growth.

Strawberry moon

Do you remember the first time you noticed the moon? For me, it brings back memories of my grandmother. Every night, she would lovingly point out the Evening Star, Venus, and in the evenings, we would gaze at the Big Dipper together. She may not have known much about the vastness of the sky or constellations, but she followed the lunar cycle.

To her, the moon was more than just a beautiful sight. It guided her in knowing when to sow seeds, trim plants, or even cut hair. The Moon, revered and recognized in so many traditions around the world, held a constant presence in our lives, reminding us of its influence on our emotions and the natural cycles of life. And tonight, on June 3, 2023, we have the privilege of witnessing the Strawberry Moon.

As we approach the solstice, this full moon becomes a time of celebration and fertility. It announces the imminent arrival of summer, with all its abundance and vibrant energy.

This particular full moon carries a special energy that nurtures growth, especially our spiritual growth.

Just like strawberries that ripen and reach their fullest, sweetest potential, the Strawberry Moon reminds us to honor our own growth and achievements. It encourages us to reflect

upon our spiritual journey, embrace the lessons we’ve learned, and cultivate a deep sense of gratitude for the fruits of our efforts.

Let this full moon be a gentle reminder to reflect on your progress and ensure that your actions align with your spiritual path. Let the power of this full moon invite you to let go of anything that no longer serves you and to embrace her transformative energy as you align with your true purpose.

Tonight, take a moment to connect with the moon and appreciate the beauty of the night sky. Breathe in the fresh air, allowing the moon’s energy to surround you, providing support and clarity on your journey. And as you exhale, release any fears, doubts, or barriers that have hindered your spiritual potential.

Do you have a heartfelt wish? What is it that you long to invite into your life? Where is your spiritual path leading you? Hold your intention in your heart, and as you breathe in, imagine the moon’s gentle yet powerful energy nurturing and bringing your wish to life. Let your heart be filled with trust and gratitude.

In this serene moment, soak in the peace and fulfillment that the full moon offers. Prepare yourself for the start of a new cycle. May this Strawberry Moon be a guiding light, illuminating your path and filling your journey with inspiration and joy.

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